Star Car - car rental service in Georgia
4 April 2024

Meet Star Car: Not Your Average Car Rental

A car rental service allows tourists to travel at their own pace, at the time and place of their choice. This is especially important in a country like Georgia, which is rich in cultural and historical attractions. Renting a car allows tourists to plan their itinerary without relying on public transportation.


Traveling by taxi is connected with big finances. Compared to public transport, traveling by car is more comfortable. You, as a tourist, can park your car at any time, rest for the desired time, travel non-stop at night, etc.


If you are planning to travel to Georgia, then you can choose the automobile rental company Starcar as a reliable partner. With our exceptional service and customer care, we ensure that your trip to this beautiful country will be unforgettable.


What does Starcar offer?


Starcar offers a simple automobile rental. As a result of going through quick and maximally transparent stages, you will receive the automobile of your choice. At our company, we value our customers' time, which is why we strive for maximum flexibility in service.


One of the main advantages of choosing Starcar, a car rental company, is our 24-hour support. This means that we are ready to help you at any time of the day - to answer your questions, give advice, take into account your needs and help solve problems. 


Accordingly, we do everything to make the experience of working with us pleasant and trouble-free. Unlike other automobile hiring companies, using our service does not require a deposit in advance. When you rent an automobile at Starcar, you can expect transparent prices, without any unexpected costs.


It is noteworthy that our car rental in Georgia gives you unlimited possibilities because we offer unlimited mileage and the ability to pick up cars anywhere, anytime, 24/7. This means that you have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful places in Georgia without any obstacles or restrictions.


You can easily visit Azerbaijan and Armenia while traveling to Georgia. If you have such plans, then our service is even more convenient for you. We offer a unique service - based on a general power of attorney, you can go to the above countries with an automobile rented from us.


Your comfort is paramount to us. Our car rental in Kutaisi is a free delivery and return service because our auto park is located in this city. In other locations and cities, we provide this service at a symbolic price. You must inform us of your desire and location at least 24 hours in advance.


By choosing Starcar as a hiring provider, you get much more than just an automobile. You get a reliable companion when traveling throughout Georgia. We think that recommendations and advice are very important for a tourist in a foreign country. Our experienced and friendly team is always ready to provide recommendations and help you with any issues. Whether it is information about local attractions, the best routes, or general advice.


Finally, book an automobile from the website and receive a 5% discount on car rental in Kutaisi and other cities. And start your discovery of Georgia with Starcar.